SOUTHBEATS Festival Turns Lympne From a Sleepy Kent Village to a DnB Den for a Day

Last Weekend, Lympne, a Kent village with a population under 2,000 hosted Kent’s largest annual music festival – Southbeats.

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Can Anyone Challenge the Warriors Next Season?

The Golden State Warriors looked unbeatable last season and are now adding more talent to their already packed roster such as veteran guard Nick Young. Other teams in the NBA have now started to respond by making big moves for players themselves in an effort to take down a Warriors team who have dominated the NBA the last few years.

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Careless Owners Are The Football League’s Biggest Problem

In 2014, Leyton Orient were on the brink of the Championship, two years later Orient, who have spent 112 years in the football league, have dropped out of the football league and are struggling to survive. All because of their negligent owner, Francesco Becchetti who has saddled the club with £10 million of debt and is driving this historic club to the ground.

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Rejjie Snow @ 02 Forum Kentish Town

Last Year we wrote about Rejjie Snow, a promising young hip hop artist from Dublin in our article 10 Hip-Hop artists about to blow up. Now, as evident from his headline London gig on Friday, he has acquired a huge fanbase and has certainly become one of rap’s most promising and popular artists.

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The 2016/17 Premier League season has been rich with surprises so far. From Pep seemingly feeling the pressure to the relegation battle, we are all loving another great season of ups and downs in England’s top division. Here’s cultivationuk’s mid season review of the most important events from the first half of an eventful season. We also look ahead to predict what will happen in the second half of the 2016/2017 season.

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6 Superhero Films You Should Watch That Aren’t DC or Marvel

This Friday 5th August sees the release of yet another DC movie, Suicide Squad as the franchise attempts to play catch up with Marvel who are currently dominating the superhero movie genre with their “shared cinematic universe.” Whether you like these films or not, it is clear that since Christopher Nolan’s excellent reboot of the Batman series in 2005, both DC and Marvel have held the monopoly on the genre.

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