Cultivation Interviews | bLAck pARty

In the most recent addition of Cultivation Interviews we spoke to the extremely talented, one-of-a-kind bLAck pARty.

In recent months, hip-hop and RnB has been evolving, artists such as Steve Lacy and Ravyn Lenae, for example, have been shining recently – they recently released their popular joint project ‘Crush’. This massive influx of alternative hip-hop and RnB artists has given listeners a giant plethora of new, enjoyable artists to listen to. However, we can’t progress further into this year without introducing you to the soulful, multi-talented singer-songwriter and producer bLAck pARty. He was discovered by many after his co-sign from Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, and bLAck pARty, real name Malik Flint, has been on fire ever since.

Flint is from the US state Arkansas, and is now based in Los Angeles, which is how his name came about – with the capitalized letters representing the two locations (LA, AR). pARty’s unique style is sensational – on his most recent project ‘Mango’, Flint creates an atmosphere and message of hopefulness which is accompanied by melodic passages, freeing the listener’s mind. We can’t recommend this stunning project enough – check it out in the links below.

While talking bLAck pARty we are given a further insight into his musical influences growing up, his favourite projects right now and his high’s and low’s in retrospect to his  promising career.

DS: What has been the greatest moment of your career so far?

BP: Either releasing ‘Mango’, or all the production work I’ve been doing lately. I worked on ‘Mango’ for 12 months, so to see it come out and people loved it, that meant the world to me. Also, lately all the records I worked on with Kari Faux and Chloe x Halle, did really well too. A bunch of records I worked on ended up in TV shows.

DS: What were your music influences growing up?

BP: Stevie Wonder was probably my first influence. I have a lot of influences though: Kid Cudi, D’Angelo, Common, Erykah Badu, Kanye, Gil Scott Heron, Lonnie Liston Smith, Nirvana, Michael Jackson, Lauryn Hill, Outkast, Ice Cube, Zro & Trae, 3 6 Mafia, Beyonce etc etc.


DS: Who’s one artist you’d like to work with in the future?

BP: I want to work with Al Green, Sade, or Erykah Badu.

DS: What’s the last project/song you’ve listened to which you have thoroughly enjoyed?

BP: D’Angelo’s album ”Black Messiah”, is probably the best album in the last five years hands down. I like a lot of new stuff though, Nick Hakim had a recent album I really liked too. King Krule always drops cool albums. I’m really enjoying all the new women coming into the rap game. Rap can get really fucking boring, and this new influx is definitely a thing of beauty (no pun intended).

DS: What can we expect from you in 2018?

BP: A lot of projects, music & other. I’ll be releasing my first album this year, and a bunch of other cool projects I’ve been working on.


DS: Best Kanye Album?

BP: Late Registration. The instrumentation is incredible on that album. I’m still obsessed with the strings on that album.

DS: Which song are you most proud of, looking back at your portfolio so far?

BP: ”Bloom”. I wrote it like 4 years ago, when I was depressed and homesick, and to see the song become something that people enjoy is awesome. I like when music makes people feel something. I’m glad this time the feeling was hopefulness.

DS: Thanks for taking time out of your day to do this, I really appreciate it. I can agree Cudi too, I think he is the greatest to ever do it personally.

BP: No doubt! Yes! Cudi is important. He’s the father of a lot of melodic rap from the new generation. I listened to Cudi heavily from 2008-2013.


Flint is obviously a super talented artist, interestingly, I found out about bLAck pARty from an old Gambino tweet, I’m extremely glad I did. ‘Mango’, which has been out for a few years now, is a brilliant and sophisticated EP, it has a very unique, trend-setting sound, it is blissful to hear. The instrumentation of this project is second to none, especially on the outro track ‘Swang My Way’.

We hope to see more of him in 2018, there is no ceiling for Flint, he could dominate the alternative RnB scene within the next few years – mark our words. A few of us at Cultivation will be seeing him at Lovebox Festival later this year, it will be a stunning performance – we are sure of it. If you don’t know bLAck pARty yet, listen to his EP from front to back, it is amazing. Hopefully Flint isn’t criminally slept on for much longer. Check his recent demos down below.

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