Rory Behr | Cultivation Interviews

In this edition of Cultivation Interviews, we spoke to talented producer and musician Rory Behr.

He is widely known for his works with TDE artist, Isaiah Rashad – a phenomenal rapper who’s had big success recently – a number of us at Cultivation managed to attend Rashad’s stunning London gig last year. At the same gig, Rory put on a phenomenal set, alongside fellow producer Chris Calor. Behr is also known for his works with the popular hip-hop artist Hugh Augustine, and helped produced tracks from Augustine’s new project ”Dubious”. Rory also held key assistance in the production of Rashad’s widely acclaimed ”The Sun’s Tirade”, as well as a new unnamed project from Isaiah Rashad, coming soon.

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Rory was into music at a very young age, he spent many of his early years in the studio. While talking to Rory, we got an insight into his musical influences growing up, where he stated how his godfather got him in to music, encouraging a young Rory to play the guitar like Jimi Hendrix. Coming out of San Diego, Rory carried on his passion for creating music whilst also taking up DJing, and becoming a promoter.

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Later on, Behr found himself working intensely with Rashad on his latest album, ”The Sun’s Tirade”. He helped in the production of some of the most popular tracks on the album such as ”4r Da Squaw”, ”Free Lunch”, and ”Stuck In the Mud”(Feat. SZA). Behr also produced Augustine’s ”Xtras”, as well as, ”Same Thang”, which you can check out below:


DS: What has your favourite moment of your career been so far?

RB: Man, going on tour with Isaiah Rashad and the TDE crew last year was pretty nuts – so many crazy memories haha. But my favorite moment had to be when we finished ”The Sun’s Tirade”. We had been working so hard on that album (literally sleeping in the studio) and it was an awesome feeling once we we were able to put it out.

DS: What music software do you use and why?

RB: When I’m making beats I mostly use Ableton. I love it, been using it for like 9 years now. It’s so versatile and simple. Sometimes I’ll even record vocalists right into Ableton. Ultimately, all the files are going to be transferred to pro tools for final mixdowns.

DS: What can we expect from you in 2018?

RB: I’ve been working day and night with Isaiah on his new project. It’s sounding amazing, so you can expect that f’sho! And possibly, a Rory Behr beat tape is in the works.

DS: What is one place you’d love to travel to and where is the best place you’ve been so far?

RB: I really want to go to Japan cuz it’s part of my heritage…and it also looks super lit haha. Looking back on tour, I think Paris had to be the best place I’ve traveled to. The city was so dope and the crowd was crazyyyy!

DS: What was your musical influence growing up?

RB: My godfather was a big musician and he got me into guitar when I was young. All I wanted to do was play like Jimi Hendrix hahaha. I had the white strat and everything.

DS: Best Kanye album ever?

RB: Easy, it has to be ”College Dropout”.

DS: Who’s one artist you’d like to work with in the future?

RB: That’s a tough one haha. Probably, the homie Anderson .Paak – he’s on another level. Andy hmu lol!

DS: Now that, would be a blessing to hear…

An incredibly nice guy, and a greater musician, it was a real pleasure to get an insight into an artist I’ve seen perform live, and to see how their work can influence the music industry.

It was fulfilling and intriguing to find out more about Rory too – he has been active in the music industry for a very long time, and his influence on American hip-hop is evident. He has more to follow, and here at Cultivation, we will be eager to see what him, TDE, and other collaborators come up with, with Rory at the forefront pioneering more great projects.

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Check out Rory’s SoundCloud here:

Article by Dom Sant


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