88Rising’s Phenomenal Path to Success

In 2017, the transition of hip hop has been astronomical, at the start of the year we were listening to lyrical storytelling rappers such as Macklemore and Russ, 12 months on – we have seen the style of music transition into something completely different to what it was.

A large staple of that can be said to be due to ’88rising’ (as well as others of course),  a record label who are unique in incorporating and injecting incredible music from musicians of Asian descent, providing us with unlimited showings of culture and new styles. First of all let’s look at 88rising’s golden boy…

Rich Brian


Formerly Rich Chigga, Brian Imanuel from Indonesia became a viral sensation with his track ‘Dat $tick’, where he can be seen sporting a fanny pack, accumulating 82 million views – he has never looked back. I personally love Brian’s music, especially his most recent tracks, he is a versatile artist, you can see him combine singing and rapping on tracks like ‘See Me’ and ‘Glow Like Dat’, but can also hold his own on a track rapping with 21 Savage (Crisis), xxxtentacion, and Keith Ape (Gospel). He is definitely an artist looking to capitalise and grow in 2018, especially with his debut album coming out in early Febuary. Here at cultivationuk.com – we will be eagerly anticipating his debut show in the UK later this year where he will supposedly be performing on 88’s European Tour. You can very much dedicate the label’s success to how Imanuel’s first track blew up in the manner that it did, otherwise the whole project may have gotten a lot less traction that it has as of January 2018.



YouTube sensation ‘Filthy Frank’ or comical musician ‘Pink Guy’, George Miller has a plethora of characters he can claim his own. However, as of late 2017 up to now, we have mostly seen the growth of Miller taking his music to the next level with ‘Joji’. Along with Brian, here at cultivationuk.com, we rank Joji very highly, his debut album ‘In Tongues’ was replayed over and over throughout our playlists, with tracks ‘Will He’, ‘Demons’, and ‘Window’ as stand out tracks for us. George Miller is a jack of all trades, and he can certainly become a master if he follows up with similar music to the collection he has produced already. With Imanuel and Miller’s Internet stardom, 88’s project grew rapidly, and saw the channel on YouTube gain more attention day by day. At the time, Joji’s music video for ‘Will He’ was one of the most viewed videos from the 88 database, where this iconic image of Miller in the bath filled with blood can be viewed.

Higher Brothers


With members Masiwei, Psy.P, Dzknow, Melo, we see a group of four musically talented friends who sonically gel together extremely well. They often rap in Chinese, with the occasional English word or two thrown in. Their song ”Steph Curry” is unusual yet amazing, with Masiwei taking the hook, he sets up three great verses from Melo, Psy.P and Dzknow, they can definitely be said to be the wildcard of 88rising. See their video for Steph Curry below:

Integration with Hip-Hop of Today


88rising’s influence doesn’t just end with their label signees, their influence alongside Cole Bennett, a video director, helped create great visuals and music. Furthermore, one of the many artists heavily influenced by 88rising, Keith Ape, collabed with Ski Mask The Slump God for ‘Achoo!’ accumulating millions of views. Coming into 2018, we envision 88 signing even more artists, expanding their already huge fanbase and influencing the hip-hop world of today.




By Dominic Sant / cultivationuk.com©


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