Denzel Curry: An International Pioneer of Music

Last Wednesday, the team visited Denzel Curry’s concert taking place at Village Underground, Shoreditch.

The majority of the team were very familiar with the work of Curry beforehand, we are all huge fans of the 22 year old rapper out of Florida.


This show wasn’t of the ordinary, and as agreed by all of us at Cultivation, it was one of the greatest gigs we had ever been to.  Denzel Curry and his team, including his lively DJ, managed to portray a whole variety of music in the packed, intimate venue. To elaborate, the variety spanned from his old stuff (heavy, bass filled hip hop), to Nirvana (very rare) to crossing the bridge and inviting Grime stars AJ Tracey and JME for renditions of ”Alakazam” and ”Knotty Head (UK Remix)”, both of these are linked below.

The warm up act was even Grime. South London rapper Yizzy gave a highly energetic and powerful grime set to electrify the crowd. He is definitely an artist to look out for in the future.

This made the night one of a kind, there has always been some type of barrier disconnecting the UK and US sound, and collaborations are very rare – we only see them spontaneously. However, Curry has now linked up with AJ Tracey more than once, forming a cross-continent working relationship. We may see more collaborations from UK and US artists in the near future as a result.


Denzel Curry on the track ”Alakazam” is a strange sound to behold at first. Due to the different, contradicting accent, but once you get past the whole accent argument, supposedly the reason why UK music would never succeed in the US according to music critic DJ Akademiks, it works so well. Their verses, along with JME’s unique flow, make it a track which is a must for any Hip-Hop or Grime fan’s playlist.

Furthermore, to grab someone like JME on the track through mutual connections of AJ Tracey, makes the song come alive.

Knotty head (UK remix) is a further example of Denzel Curry linking up with the UK sound to make a energetic, vivacious track. We also see Rick Ross, the Miami native and entrepreneur, jump on the track to deliver a verse with Curry and AJ.

Having Denzel as the main cornerstone of the cross-continent switch up, may be the start of a snowball effect in the UK and US. This is huge for the development of the sounds in the Hip-Hop and Grime scene, it may be the start of a new dynamic form of Rap to be seen in the near future.

We can see reputable US media outlets, such as DJ Akademiks, give his thoughts on UK music. US outlets have often discussed the collaborations between US and UK artists, ranging from a plethora of artists such as Dave and Drake (Wanna Know), Giggs and Drake (KMT and No Long Talk), Skepta and Drake (Shutdown, Skepta Interlude). Drake also being a main staple in the cross-communication of genres. However, it should be significantly stressed that Curry was one of the earliest collaborators, which may have pioneered this culture-clash.

You can check out the ”13” EP, by Denzel Curry down below, as we currently anticipate his heavily hyped project in the future.





By Dom Sant











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