SOUTHBEATS Festival Turns Lympne From a Sleepy Kent Village to a DnB Den for a Day

Last Weekend, Lympne, a Kent village with a population under 2,000 hosted Kent’s largest annual music festival – Southbeats.

Thanks to a press pass from Southbeats, Cultivationuk was able to witness this immense festival which included drum and bass, house and grime artists from across the country.

Among those headlining were our personal favourites, Example, Giggs (who we were lucky enough to meet but failed in our pursuit to interview him), Sub Focus, Basement Jaxx , SASASAS and Sigma. There were three stages a Ministry of Sound stage, hosting house music, a UKF stage, hosting drum and bass and bassline and a Kiss FM stage, on which the main headliners appeared.

The UKF tent, where DJ’s Mollie Collins, Darkzy and Noisia all took the stage, was by far the most lively tent/stage. The combination of high tempo drums and bassline sent the crowds into craze and excitement. We spent a lot of our time ‘reporting’ in this tent.


The Ministry of Sound stage, where house DJ’s stepped out in front of the 12,000 festival goers, was home to Tom Zanetti, Shift K3y and Redlight. This was the most ‘relaxing’ of all the stages. Thumping kicks and house bass sounds could be found here.

The main stage, to which we gained backstage access to, held most of the headliners as well as various DJ’s such as Kent’s very own Shapes and BBC DJ Mistajam. Game of Thrones’ Arya Stark (otherwise known as Maisie Williams) could be found backstage here vibing out to Drum and Bass Duo My Nu Leng. Example, the first of the big acts to perform brought out Cult trio, The Manor for an exclusive song to be released soon as well as performing all of his classics. Shy FX soon followed with a range of garage, drum and bass and reggae music.


Towards the end of the festival, Giggs performed a lively set after reportedly refusing to come in to the festival at first as Yungen, who he supposedly does not get on with, was yet to leave. Sigma, another drum and bass duo, then followed to close the festival. The Duo made for an amazing live show with drums, synths, a vocalist and two different MC’s. The flashing lights given out to the crowd towards the end of the festival also created a stunning, picturesque scene to end Cultivation’s energetic, incredible day.



Southbeats took place on 23/09/2017

Many Thanks to Southbeats festival for the Press Passes

To get involved in events like this in the future find out how to write for here

By Greg Kennedy




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