Jumanji: Welcome to the movie of the video game of the board game of the jungle of the sequel to a 22 year old movie

What a hilarious parody photo someone edited
What a hilarious parody photo someone edited

If there is a way to make big bucks in Hollywood, its to make a sequel to a film franchise so old that most kids in the targeted demographic range have never heard of it.

Around August 2012 rumours were circulating of a Jumanji remake in the works which soon faded out as people thought it was too terrible an idea to be real. Unfortunately in August 2015, the remake was confirmed when Sony Pictures Entertainment announced it just a year after the tragic death of beloved Robin Williams. Now I’m not saying that this was done on purpose to piggy back off the tragic news of Robin Williams however, this is Sony pictures we are talking about. The same people that made the comedic masterpiece that was 2016 Ghost busters starring cringe worthy comedy, and a shoved in political agenda so forced and trivial Dick Wolf (Law and Order writer) would even turn away from it.


This sequel (or soft reboot or some other crap) however is looking to change the format a little which is a welcoming change to the tidal wave of remakes drowning us from previous years. Changing the infamous board game into a video game fits the current time period more appropriately and can also let kids relate to the subject more. But the way in which they have approached this method leaves me to believe the writer for this movie wishes to commit commercial suicide. They don’t just get sucked into the video game world they get morphed into the bodies of copy and pasted celebrities such as Kevin Hart and Dwayne the rock Johnson. Now doesn’t that sound like a great idea?

So far only a couple trailers have been released and, you may be thinking that it is harsh of me,to judge the movie so poorly before it even hits theatres. But come on now. Sony pictures are the same guys who thought Pixels would do well. The trailers themselves had no funny bits in to laugh at and only contained a poor Guns N Roses song being tainted by evil corporate entity s.

I may be wrong and the movie could turn out to be somewhat decent. I am sure some payed for reviewers will be enjoy the movie with their big checks from Sony sitting in their pockets in return for high Rotten Tomato scores.

At least the film crew are (probably)going to get paid. That is one good thing I suppose.

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