Rejjie Snow @ 02 Forum Kentish Town

Last Year we wrote about Rejjie Snow, a promising young hip hop artist from Dublin in our article 10 Hip-Hop artists about to blow up. Now, as evident from his headline London gig on Friday, he has acquired a huge fanbase and has certainly become one of rap’s most promising and popular artists.

In a dynamic, lively gig (which a few of cultivation’s writers attended) Rejjie Snow displayed how far he has come in just a few years. The energy provided from the stage from Snow himself and his untiring DJ transferred to the crowd right from the first song- D.R.U.G.S, a catchy single released last year which has gathered over 3 millions views on YouTube and nearly 1 million listens on Spotify.

The 23 year old, Dublin-born rapper previewed many new songs off of his eagerly anticipated album ‘Dear Annie’ during his performance. Despite not knowing any of the lyrics to these songs, the crowd still remained highly energetic due to Snow’s energy and the immense production of these songs from Grammy award winner producer Rahki.

Rejjie Snow also played some of his more well-known songs such as All Around The World, Flexin (to which the featured artist ‘Ebenezer’ was brought out), Crooked Cops, Pink Beetle, USSR (to which the featured artist and warm up act ‘Jesse James’ was brought out), Loveleen and Blakkst Skn (to which one of the warm up bands, ‘Salen’, lead singer was brought out). The crowd were involved the whole show, rapping along with Snow and trying to catch the free mix-tapes that were being fed to them by Rejjie and co.  Snow also made some legendary comments in between songs, at one point he told crowd “this is not a show this is an experience”.

“2 weeks!” was constantly yelled by Snow himself and his excitable DJ, this was a reference to the release date of his upcoming album which will be released through 300 entertainment. They are Snow’s new label, who have also signed Migos, Young Thug and Fetty Wap. With the backing of 300 and his unique sound Rejjie Snow can become as colossal as the previously mentioned artists.

The future looks bright for Rejjie Snow, he’s signed to a popular label, has an album dropping in “2 weeks!” and is selling out one of London’s most popular venues.




Check out all the artists from the gig here:

Yellow Days: A chill Indie band; similar to Mac Demarco.


Salen: a psychedelic pop band with some well known singles; similar to Tame Impala.


Jesse James Solomon: London rapper who has made a number of songs with Rejjie Snow


Rejjie Snow: Dublin Rapper who will achieve greatness with his unique vibe and sound







By Greg Kennedy

Featured Picture:

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