5 Horror Movies for Halloween

The day of poorly made costumes and increased chance of diabetes is approaching and if the thought of going outside on a normal day already terrifies you then, what better way to spend your day than to watch some spooky films in spirit of the (not considered in the UK) Halloween holiday. In no particular order here are a couple of half -decent movies to give you them spine chills you so desperately seek. Keep in mind that all films on this list are available (presently) on Netflix. So without further or do here is a list of…

Half-decent Horror Movies (on Netflix):


scream_movie_posterScream is not that scary or even that good of a Horror film instead it is more of a love letter to the genre of slasher films that were so popular around the 80s and early 90s. It goes through the same tropes as it’s predecessors but does so with self-awareness. The characters within the film are aware of their slasher movie like situation and by having the characters be conscious of this the film plays with the audiences expectations. It is not a master piece by any means and most of the charcters are rather lack luster but, I think that was done so on purpose in order to mock and pay homage to slasher movies before it. Comedic undertones and generally entertaining performances by Mathew Lillard (Shaggy) and others makes this film at least worth a try.

From Beyond

3d30625ba74511dfd324dcf4d3ab7e37From Beyond is inspired by the works of Hp Lovecraft and is coincidently as insane and disturbing as his fragile mental state. The film is centred around transcendence of the flesh which translates to grotesque body horror sprinkled with disturbing sexual tensions. Through the use of marvelous particle effects From Beyond will help you restrict yourself from eating too many Halloween treats because the movie will leave you too disturbed to eat for days. Not much of a scary film but more of a disturbing insight into the human desire for sexual pleasure  and the need to transcend beyond others. Watch at your appetites risk.

 Event Horizon


Space in itself is a scary concept what with it being mostly a vast empty space that is inhospitable for humans and Event Horizon does a decent job of upping the anti of the sci-fi horror genre. Although it is not the best of the genre what with its cheesy acting and run of the mill horror tropes, the movie has a generally unsettling atmosphere and has the occasional freighting and even sometimes disturbing moments. The concept of a haunted ship that can bend the fabric of space and time makes it somewhat original when compared to other sci-fi horror. Luckily for those who have Netflix the uncensored version is showing which contains incredibly gory imagery making fun for all the family. It is a by the numbers horror film with an interesting concept which ends up being overall decent and worth a watch.

 The Mothman Prophecies


Although based on a silly creepypasta the Mothman Prophecies makes up for its childish monster by relying on its uncanny atmosphere and implying things rather than showing. The film feels like a bad dream in the sense that things are just slightly off. Both the main characters and supporting cast do a good job of acting, add that  with great camera work and cinematography and it all adds up to make a good,unsettling horror film centred around a child like monster. The film feels like Silent Hill the movie if it was actually made well. More unsettling than scary but defiantly worth your time.

Friday the 13th: the Final Chapter


 Yeah the effects are outdated and Jason is more of a laughing-stock than a scary killer. However, seeing big boy Jason kill horny campers in hilarious fashion is good enough for entertainment. I recommend the final chapter because it is the best out of the 4 films. You really should not be bothered about story continuity with this franchise because belive me the movies do not give a rats arse. This movie is best enjoyed best with others who can laugh along side you at the silliness of hockey enthusiast Jason . Also Marty Mcfly’s dad is in this one so that puts it above the rest.

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