Comic Con 2016

San Diego Comic Con dates back to the early 70’s with a mere 300 people attending and has been a annual event ever since and the attendance numbers are now in the thousands!

In 2015 San Diego Comic Con had 167,000 people attend and will be hoping to get this number to 200,000 people. This has made Comic Con the largest comic convention ever and with the special guests and panel list it isn’t a surprise. This year some of the panelists are the stars from the hit television comedy Family Guy, the cast from various upcoming Warner Bro’s films and many more. Although the first show had only 300 attendees it had incredible guests such as Jack Kirby and Ray Bradbury. If you’re interested in any of the Comic Con 2016 panels check out IGN who have them all on their YouTube channel:


Cosplayers at San Diego Comic Con 2016


I believe the true reason for Comic Con’s success and popularity is due to the uniting of comic book, game and film fans from across the world where they can be accepted by one another. Although many comic fans don’t see eye to eye on many things such as is DC Comics better than Marvel Comics but despite this they are all able to come together and enjoy one of the worlds greatest and frankly strangest events. After seeing the huge success of Comic Con in San Diego many new locations have been added such as New York and a company called MCM have expanded Comic Con to London and many other locations in the UK making it more accessible for those living long distances from San Diego.

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