The English Drug Dealer who disguised his Mansion as a Shed

Alan Yeomans, from Derbyshire, has been jailed for 6 and a half years for drugs and money laundering offences.

The Fraudster, who made money from producing Cannabis and selling it on, built a giant, luxury mansion which was disguised as a large shed.


Yeomans declared bankruptcy in 2009, claiming that he lived in his mother’s back garden and owned £300 of furniture. However he was actually living in the six-bedroom Shedley Manor- which he had disguised as a shed.

The 62 year old laundered his drug money and started to run three different businesses after he had claimed bankruptcy.

In the mansion (which is worth £1.2 million) investigators found a secret room in which Cannabis was being produced (which was worth £40,000) and £83,000 worth of fine art.

Due to his sophisticated set-up Yeomans stayed a free man for a large number of years before he could be sent to jail.

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