Tory Lanez’ jump shot sends internet into malfunction


Tory Lanez might have stunned everyone with his phenomonal remix of Drake’s “Controlla,” but he has left everyone less than impressed with his jump shot form. A video of Lanez caught the rapper blowing off some steam by hitting the court to play some basketball, but many are quick to point out that hardly anyone plays basketball like this.

Luckily for Lanez, he isn’t being completely shredded today because he dropped a fire AF remix of Drake’s “Controlla” that has left many praising it as being better than the original. If you missed it, we highly recommend you immediately listen to his remix where he interpolates I Wayne’s “Can’t Satisfy Her” throughout the song. Drake and Lanez have a checkered history, with many assuming Drake was throwing shots at Lanez on “Summer Sixteen,” but Lanez might have just that down completely with this remix.



Unfortunately, not even a new song that sounds like “human crack in the flesh” can save Lanez from the scrutiny of the internet over his bad form and it definitely didn’t stop anyone from digging one last time by comparing his hairline to LeBron’s. At least he has something going for him today.

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