Our next Prime Minister: Theresa May

It’s official, we have a new Prime Minister. David Cameron has left his position, so Theresa May will now move into Downing Street to take over.

The new Prime Minister is the first female Prime Minister since Margaret Thatcher, who came to power in 1979.

However the new PM, Theresa May, may not officially be the Prime Minister yet as many have called for a ‘snap general election’ as she was not elected by the public.

Here are two contrasting views of a ‘snap general election’:

As well as this it would be very hard to call for a new election as there are many rules which stop the carrying out of a ‘snap general election’, explained here:

So it looks like Theresa May will be the Prime Minister until the next official General Election. So if you don’t know much about her here are some facts about the next PM:

  • Since 2010 she has been working as the Home Secretary and Minister of Women and Equality
  • She wants to unite the Conservatives
  • She wanted the UK to Remain in the EU- so it is good that she is in-charge for Remain voters.
  • She was not officially voted in by other MP’s and Conservative party members as her only rival Andrea Leadsom pulled out of the leadership race.
  • She doesn’t want another General Election, although when Gordon Brown became the PM she called for one then.
  • She got ripped apart on Social Media instantly:

  • Everyone loves her Leopard-print shoes, Media outlets such as the BBC and The Sun are often slated for focusing on her shoes rather than her policies.
  • She was the longest serving Home Secretary in 100 years
  • May is a self proclaimed feminist

All in all, the majority of the UK thinks that she will be a good leader and has all the right qualities for becoming a PM. However some disagree with her appointment, mainly because she voted to remain in the Eu- in some people’s eyes- making her the wrong person for the job (although she has said recently that “Brexit is Brexit” implying nothing will change)

Personally, from a ‘remain’ perspective, I believe that she is the best option for the next PM as she will be able to get the best deal for the UK.


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