4 Reasons why you should get Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Go, as you may of heard, has just launched an international release a few days ago.

So far it has been launched in countries such as America, New Zealand and Australia. It has proven to been very popular since the release and has given many people a reason to explore! It has yet to been released to the European countries and the UK but apparently it won’t be too long until that happens!

1.Pokemon Go is Free

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Are you low on cash or simply not willing to spend on a mobile game? No problem. There is no need for money as the application is currently free.

It is available in the Android and App Store. Unless you want to make in-game purchases; there will be no requirement of payment in order to obtain the game.



Pokemon Go gives you a reason to ‘catch em all’ therefore also a reason to go out there and explore the world.

The outside world is always nice and refreshing especially when you have objectives to meet such as becoming the best Pokemon trainer. It was something you may of never dreamed of but today you can do what you wanted to do and catch your dreams!

3. Meeting new friends

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Of course you are not alone. It is currently a popular trend to ‘catch em all’ therefore during your time of exploring you may meet some new friends or perhaps just some friends you want to catch up on.

Throughout your tremendous experience exploring you may face competition such as trying to catch more than the guy you know.

There are countless things you could encounter! Maybe a legendary Pokemon if you’re lucky!

4. The use of AR



In order to top up realism the Pokemon company has allowed catching your Pokemon through your own camera!

Don’t you just want a more realistic and thrilling experience of a Pokemon trainer? Pokemon Go is sure going to provide the most realistic insights of how it feels to be Ash Ketchum.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and catch em all. Download, sign up and get in to action right off the bat.

The Pokemon out there probably wants to meet you just as badly as you want to meet them! Now relieve your twitching fingers and do what destiny has assigned you to do, becoming a ‘Pokemon Master’!


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