5 Alternate Movies to Watch this Summer


Last week, we wrote about some of the blockbusters you should be gearing up to see over the next couple of months. But if like me, you’re feeling fatigue from the superhero, CGI, hero’s journey type movie that’s saturated our cinemas, then we have got you covered with a list of five alternate movies that swap bullets and bravado for the weird and wonderful.

  1. Swiss Army Man

In Swiss Army Man, a first time feature from debutants Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, Paul Dano’s Hank is trapped on a deserted island and ready to end his own lonesome suffering, when he spots a corpse (Daniel Radcliffe) washed up on the beach.

images (18)

Sounds pretty straightforward, but with Manny’s (Radcliffe) perpetual farting power, and navigational boner (I’m not making this up), Hank is able to use his new found friend as a multi-purpose survival tool.


But is Swiss Army Man more than just a farting corpse? Perhaps, but it’s worth finding out for yourself.



Release date: July 1 (US)

  1. The Neon Demon

The highly anticipated Neon Demon from visionary director Nicolas Winding Refn, looks like it’s shaping up to resemble the love child of Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan and Refn’s sleek and stylistic Drive.

download (31).jpg

The director’s ability to capture glossy cinematics is evident here once again, as he looks to tell the chilling tale of how brutal a life of beauty and fame can be for aspiring model Jesse (Elle Fanning).

Let’s hope that we get slightly more substance than his previous film, Only God Forgives, however.

Release date: July 8 (UK)

  1. Don’t Think Twice

Coming off the back of a successful run in the hit Netflix show Love, Gillian Jacobs has been received as the standout performer in Don’t Think Twice.

images (19).jpg

 An authentic and charming film about a group of struggling New York improv comics who start to realise that not all of them will catch their big break when one member of the group is offered the audition of a lifetime.

The film is written and directed by Mike Birbiglia, who also stars. Completing the rest of the cast is Chris Gethard, Kate Micucci and Tami Sagher.

Release date: TBC

  1. Indignation

This period drama starring Logan Lerman and Sarah Gadon is based on Philip Roth’s novel of the same name.

download (32)

To avoid fighting in the Korean War, Marcus (Lerman) attends a small college in Ohio, where he meets Olivia (Gadon) a girl with a complicated past.

At Sundance Film Festival where it premiered, Lerman’s performance was widely received as being one of the best of his career so far, with Gadon also being singled out as one of the major draws for the film. Either way, Indignation looks to be a raw and emotional tale of internal conflict, and one that’s definitely worth catching for the performances alone.

Release date: July 29 (US)

  1. Suburra

OK, so this one has some bullets, but there’s a reason Suburra is at the top of this list. Set in Italy, the film tells the story of a gangster known as “Samurai” who looks to turn the waterfront in Rome into the new Las Vegas.

images (20).jpg

But with warring mob bosses striving for power, it doesn’t take long for all-out war to erupt.

It’s no wonder the film’s director Stefano Sollima has been chosen to helm the follow up to Denis Villeneuve’s critically acclaimed thriller Sicario, when Suburra is its own exercise in nail-biting tension.

Expect bloody rivalries and deep lying corruption to be the spine of this Italian thriller.

Release date: June 24 (UK)


By James Pitcher/ @_jamespitcher


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