Thousands of Blue, Naked, People March Through Hull

Over 3,000 people from Hull have decided to strip naked and paint themselves blue- all in the name of art.

An Artist, named Spencer Tunick, decided to organise the event- which is called the ‘sea of Hull’- to pay tribute to the Sea which is an important part of the local economy and the City.

The bizarre, smurf-like, colours make up some pretty impressive pictures- which were taken by the Artist.

The ‘art-work’ is thought to be the biggest ever installation in the UK after 3,200 people stripped down in the cold morning.

All of the volunteers, who painted themselves blue for a day, marched through the town while moving from one photo shoot location to another. Many people in Hull woke up this morning to see thousands of Blue, Naked people walking past their homes- Not your average day in Hull.


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