5 Popular Games That May Never Get A Sequel

These games were a big hit when they first released, but even with popular demand they may never get the follow up they truly deserve.

1: Dead Space

Even though there has been three games in the Dead Space series, a fourth game seems unlikely.  Dead Space, developed by Visceral Games, and published by Electronic Arts, is one of the most popular horror-survival games on both consoles and PC’s.  But with EA controlling Visceral Games, they set very high targets for Dead Space 3 sales.

When Dead Space 3 ultimately failed to meet these targets, EA suspended future game developments indefinitely.  Although Visceral Games have publicly said they would like to continue the series, EA have them busy with other titles such as Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefield: Hardline.

2: Star Wars: Republic Commando

Another game published by Electronic Arts, Star Wars: Republic Commando was one of the most popular shooters on the first generation of XBOX consoles.  The game included an intense and captivating story, and a quick flowing multiplayer.  With the end of the story, there is a lot of unanswered questions, all of which were meant to be answered with a squeal.

The issue comes with LucasArts complete revamp.  With the game already in advanced planning, and other Star Wars titles nearing release, the company was completely broken down and put back together.  This led to most of the original staff leaving the company, and any in progress titles being cancelled, leaving little chance of another game.

3: The Last Of Us

Possibly the most popular game on this list, The Last Of Us is a survival-horror game which has quickly become one of the most popular exclusives to the PlayStation, earning itself a Remastered version for the PS4.  The game itself is heavily story based, being seen as more of an interactive film than a game.

Although, even though the game was a major success, it is still unknown whether a sequel will ever be made.  According to the development team, they believe they left the story just as they would want, but want to revisit the series at some point.  But initial plans for a sequel were abandoned when the team was tasked with Uncharted 4.  Although Naughty Dog have been known to hide their game releases, so we could see a surprise release soon.

4: Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs was a popular free roam game, following close to the GTA series.  The game is set in Hong Kong, and you play as an undercover officer trying to take down a violent street gang.  The game became very popular on release on the previous generations of consoles, and earned itself a remastered edition.

The game is actually part of the True Crime game series, but since the failure of the series, the game was renamed.  A sequel to the game was thought to be on the way, with a teaser trailer showing a new Sleeping Dogs.  But in fact this was a free to play PC game, that was cancelled due to bad beta reviews.  With no news coming from the company, it looks like we will never see another Sleeping Dogs game.

5: SimCity

Once again another game released by EA, and another series ruined by them.  SimCity has been a popular video game since the rise of gaming many years ago, but now it seems it may finally been put to bed.  EA tasked popular gaming company Maxis with the production of the new SimCity game, but from the moment of release it was doomed.  The completely online system meant that on release no one could play the game due to EA’s poor servers, and the game itself failed to live up to EA’s unrealistic expectations.

Maxis has since been shut down by Electronic Arts, and it appears that not just SimCity but the entire Sims series is going to be abandoned as the recent release of Sims 4 was another huge failure by EA.  Whether we ever see another SimCity game, that is down to EA, but what we do know is that EA are slowly pulling apart some of the greatest game companies of all time.

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