Cultivation Interviews | J.Tek

Here at Cultivation, we like to show some love to new artists with heaps of potential. This week, we have a rapper out of America who has joined for us and you to know who he is, without further a do, J.Tek’s interview with us:

Q: For those who don’t know yet, who is J-Tek, and why should people tune in to your tracks?

A: For those who don’t know yet, J.Tek is a 22 year old hiphop artist signed with MAAD management. You should tune into my music because it’s all from the heart. Everything I write down has a message behind it, that many can relate to.

Q: What was your musical inspirations growing up?

A: I didn’t grow up in a musically inclined family, but I always had a love for music. My biggest musical inspiration was and is J Cole.

Q: From your promising tracks that we’ve heard on your media outlets, can we expect more music to come in 2016?

A: You can expect plenty more in 2016. I actually have some big unannounced plans for the remaining of this year, so stay tuned!

Q: If you could work with one artist (dead or alive) from any music genre, who would it be and why?

A: If I could work with one artist dead or alive it would have to be Lauryn Hill because I think she is just so musically gifted and I could learn so much from her.

Q: As we’re from the UK, do you have any hopes or aspirations to bring your music to the UK via concerts or even collaboration with a UK artist?

A: No doubt man, I would love to bring my music to the UK. Would love to do shows there! The support there is unreal, so in due time!

Q: And lastly, what is a quote you live by, and why?

A: A quote I live by is “Be MAJOR” – Jalen Campbell. Love this quote because it’s so simple, but yet powerful.

Make sure you check out his work, available on Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music and many other music outlets.


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