Iceland’s Fairy-Tale at Euro 2016

Iceland were seen as a team that would never make it anywhere in this summer’s Euros competition, with many writing them off before the first game of the group stages.

Ronaldo himself commented that Iceland have a “small mentality” which will ensure they “do nothing” at Euro 2016.  But as you know, he was quick to eat his own words, with Portugal drawing 1-1 with Iceland, and Ronaldo himself failing to show the world he is still the best player on Earth.

Iceland managed to win and draw one game in the group stages, ensuring that they progressed onto the knockout stages, even finishing above Portugal.  Showing to the world, and Ronaldo, they will definitely being doing more than “nothing” this summer.  Even Iceland’s own supporters were shocked at their performances, with one commentator even loosing his job over his hysterical celebration.


After England drew to Slovakia, Iceland were drawn against England.  With very few doubting who the victors would be.  At first, the game went as planned, with England scoring a penalty in the opening minutes, but Iceland were not finished yet.  It took less than two minutes for them to equalize , and then another 12 for them to take the lead.  For the rest of the game, the entire Iceland team showed a performance of a lifetime as they managed to hold out against one of the favorites of the tournament.  With England loosing, Hodgson was forced to resign, and the entire England team disgraced as they departed prematurely.


Iceland were next drawn against France, and this time, the Icelandic squad could not hold out against the hosts, and were beaten rather comfortably 5-2.  Although still showing their danger in attack, managing to get two back against the tournament favorites.  And even though they were knocked out of the tournament, they have become the most respected and loved team at the Euros.  As they showed the rest of the world any team can make it with enough dedication and teamwork.

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