Naked man invades Times Square requesting to see Donald Trump

Yep, that’s right. Only in New York do you see scenes like this. A naked man climbed a ticket booth in times square to ask to talk to Donald Trump.

The man, who appears to be in his 20’s or 30’s,  repeatedly shouted, “Where are you Donald Trump!”. He then proceeded to dance and shout about Donald Trump some more.

Fully-geared policemen turned up to try and get the man down from the ticket booth- but he just continued to dance and protest against Donald Trump, who is running for president in the United States.

The policemen continued to try and tempt him of the 16-foot tall staircase. However he refused to budge and carried on shouting out some pretty random things, Such as, “I’m a virgin”, and, “I love you Mario Testino”(who is a fashion photographer).

The police laid out a giant, inflatable airbag and stopped any traffic in surrounding areas. As the man jumped off the ticket booth he failed to hit the giant target.. and fell to the ground. The man is now in hospital and thought to be in a stable condition. But I doubt anyone who walked by him shaking his backside to the entirety of Times Square is.



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