Two Brexits in one week!

Last Night England crashed out of the Euros as a result of their 2-1 loss to Iceland- who have a population of the same size as Leicester .

Roy Hodgson resigned immediately after the embarrassing loss and so did his assistants, including Gary Neville. Roy Hodgson stated after the game , “I would have loved to stay on for another two years. However, I am pragmatic and I know we are in the results business. My contract was always up after the Euros, so now is the time for someone else to oversee the progress of this young, hungry and extremely talented group of players” (Daily Mail)


As per usual, the England team will now start their two year cycle again. We will look for a new manager, look promising then crash out yet again. Sigh…

Many managers have reportedly already been shortlisted and the favourite to take England forward is Gareth Southgate, a former England player and current u-21 coach. Other Candidates include, Eddie Howe, Alan Pardew, Garry Neville, Laurent Blanc & Arsene Wenger.

Alan Shearer also stated his interest in the job while commenting on the game for the BBC:

The other Brexit:

In other news, Nigel Farage has been commenting on the Brexit yet again, but this time to the European Parliament.

His comments were met with a few cheers, but even more booeing and heckling. Farage stated to the MEP’s in Brussels that “none of you have ever had proper jobs in your life” and then went on to ask for trade agreements…great tactics on show here from Nigel Farage.

Nigel Farage also emphasised his villain-like personality by telling the European Parliament- “who’s laughing now”

So there you have it- the latest updates on the two Brexits that happened in the past week.



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