Londoners want their city to become independent

Today, tens of thousands Londoners gathered together in the violent rain to protest the Eu referendum and to show their anger at the decision.

Many Londoners also decided to protest for an independent London alongside many other European protesters who decided to join the rally as-well.

Scotland have also launched a campaign for Independence following the Leave vote. A Scottish MEP gave a speech to the European Parliament asking Europe to ‘not let Scotland down’. He received a standing ovation from his colleagues.

Many people that still want to remain in the EU have realised gaining independence is unlikely so have instead decided to protest for another referendum. David Lammy, a London MP, has spoke out against the leave decision and has called for another referendum while a petition for another vote has two and a half million signatures.

The protests are likely to continue throughout the week after nearly 60% of Londoners voted to Remain in the EU.

This graphic perfectly demonstrates what the majority of Londoners wish would happen:


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