Coldplay pay tribute to Viola Beach at Glastonbury

Coldplay headlined Glastonbury festival last night and made a heart-warming tribute to the band Viola Beach, who’s members tragically died in a crash in Sweden. Viola Beach were making big leaps at the time on their first world tour.

During their performance, Chris Martin told the audience that he would let Viola Beach ‘headline Glastonbury’ and that Coldplay were going to create their  ‘alternate future’.

During their performance on the Pyramid Stage, they played one of Viola Beach’s most popular songs, boys that sing, to a backdrop of Viola Beach performing the song.

During Coldplay’s headline performance, Chris Martin also paid tribute to Prince, David Bowie and Muhammad Ali- all have died recently.

Coldplay also showed their anger at the Brexit during their performance. They referred to it as the ‘collapse of the country’.

Coldplay proved that they are still one of the best headline acts out there with their heart-warming performance last night.

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