The UK has voted to leave- here’s what it means

Over last night we eventually found out that the United Kingdom had decided to leave the European Union. This, in large, was a large shock- even Nigel Farage admitted at one point that he thought we would vote to remain in the EU.

There will be a lot of consequences as a result of the decision to leave: here are some of the main results of the Brexit:

Markets are crashing- but not  for long

The pound is at it’s lowest since 1985 and the value of the FTSE 100 has gone down by £100 billion.

However it’s not all bad the banks have more than prepared for this situation and should be able to handle the huge deficits. Mark Carney of the Bank of England said that the ‘UK economy will adjust’ since the Bank  of England has £250 billion to handle the situation.

Although for the moment the Zimbabwe currency is gaining ground against the UK pound…

It won’t actually happen for at least 2 years

Article 50 (the rule which states a country can leave the Eu) states that it can take up to 2 years or more to actually officially leave the Eu.

Even so, Article 50 may not even be put into place immediately with many Leave MP’s arguing that we should make deals with the Eu before making agreements to leave.

Douglas Carswell, a UKIP MP, has stated that there is no need to activate article 50 immedeatly.


Nigel Farage has suddenly become very annoying again…

After a few months of hibernation after the general election, Farage returned to campaign for the Brexit. To rub his success in everyone’s face Farage has been appearing frequently across all Media this morning looking very smug and taking back his promises.


Shut up you egg

Twitter and Facebook are completely freaking out

Millions of social media users went into meltdown this morning after finding out the result and took out their anger on their helpless followers who scrolled through their feeds this morning to find hundreds of statuses and tweets complaining about the vote.

Donald Trump.

Is the Brexit a victory for Trump? it seems many Americans have taken note of the Brexit and have watched Donald Trump this morning giving speeches in Scotland. Donald Trump may well use the Brexit as a victory and propaganda to support his campaign- the end of the world is near…

Scotland wants independence, and so does the city of London

Nicola Sturgeon has announced that another Scottish independence referendum is very likely, however this may not have been the biggest call for independence this morning.

London, Where the majority of votes were to remain, have also called for independence so they can rejoin the EU!

Dozens of London Cyclists then took action against Boris Johnson to show their anger- to be honest this just looks awks.

David Cameron has quit and Jeremy Corbyn may also follow suit

David Cameron has let everyone know that he is resigning in October as a result of the referendum.

As well as this Jeremy Corbyn has been insulted by Labour MP’s who want him to quit after his weak campaign to remain in Europe.

Boris Johnson might be our next PM or possibly Stormzy

The hunt for the next Prime Minister is already under way and there are few main contenders, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove etc.

But then there is Stormzy. The Grime star posted on twitter about becoming the next PM and social media reacted accordingly…

Maybe leaving the Eu won’t be such a disaster- after all Stormzy may become the next PM

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