Grime stars and celebs give their opinion on the EU referendum

Last week was the Red Bull Culture Clash and Channel 4 went behind the scenes to ask Grime stars such as Wiley, So Solid Crew and Big Narstie about Britain’s membership in the European Union.

Major Grime stars, such as Big Narstie, all have very similar views about the referendum- that we should vote to stay. Others such as Wiley and MistaJam were a lot more vague.

Many other celebrities such as Keira Knightly, Jessie Ware and Will Poulter also gave their opinions on the decision in the ‘5 seconds’ IN campaign


However other celebrities have argued that we should vote to leave the EU. Michael Caine, Sol Campbell,Vicky Pattison and Ian Botham have all argued that staying in the EU is a bad thing arguing that it is a sinking ship and that it is costing many UK citizens more money for politicians that nobody voted for.

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